Gambhira is located close to Siddha Bakula on Svargadvara Road. There is a small temple here with Deities of Radha-Kanta and Lalita and Vishaka. This house was once the residence of Kashi Mishra. Sri Sri Radha Kanta was worshipped by Kashi Mishra. King Prataparudra’s father, Sri Purushottama Deva, conquered the king of kanchipura in battle and returned with three deities: Radha Kanta, Sakshi Gopala, and Bhada Ganesha. Bhada Ganesha is still worshipped in an inner courtyard just behind Jagannatha temple. It is said Radha Kanta was also worshipped inside the Jagannatha Mandir for some time. But in dream Lord Jagannatha informed the King Prataparudra to remove Radha Kanta deity Because He is taking all nice items from his bhoga plate and so king requested to his Gurudev Kashi Mishra to take the Radha Kanta to his house.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu stayed in Radha Kanta Mata ina very small room called Gambhira. This is the room where lord Chaitanya lived. There is a lamp here that is never extinguished. Lord Chaitanya’s wooden sandals, his quilt, water pot, and bed are also inside the Gambhira. Sri Chaitanya lived in this room for 12 years. He would be absorbed in deep ecstasy while He stayed here.