This is also known as Brahmagiri. It is about 25 km from Jagannath puri.

The word anavasara is used when Shri Jagannathaji cannot be seen in the temple before Ratha Yatra. After the bathing ceremony (snana-yatra), Lord Jagannatha apparently becomes sick. He is therefore removed to His private apartment, where no one can see Him. Actually, during this period renovations are made on the body of the Jagannatha Deity. This is called nava-yauvana. During the Ratha-yatra ceremony, Lord Jagannatha once again comes before the public. Thus for fifteen days after the bathing ceremony, Lord Jagannatha is not visible to any visitors. Hence people who cannot take darshan of Jagannatha go to Alalanath to have darshan of Lord Jagannatha. There is a temple of Lord Jagannath here, and a large stone slab marked with the impression of Sri Chaitanya’s transcendental body. The stone melted while he lay there in ecstasy.