Narendra Sarovara

This large tank is located north-east of Jagannatha’s temple. This pond is also known as Sri Candana Pukur, because Lord Jagannatha comes here every evening for 21 consecutive days during Chandana-yatra, from Aksaya-trtiya (in month of Vaisakha or April/May) up to Suklastami-tithi in the month of Jyestha (May/June) to enjoy His Nauka-Lila (boating pastime).

Jagannatha Swami’s Chandana Yatra & Nauka-Lila: Before coming here, Lord Jagannatha’s festive Deity (utsava murthi) of Madan Mohana along with His consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi bathe in sandalwood water and are deChorated with fragrant flowers. All the Deities travel here on 7 different palanquins. Madan-Mohana, Sri and Bhu-devis arrive in one palanquin; Sri Rama Govinda on a second palanquin; and 5 more palanquins transport the Panca Mahadevas (five Siva linga Deities): Lokanatha, Janesvara, Kapal-mocana, Markandesvara and Nilakanthesvara. Entire length of the procession route from Jagannatha Mandira to Narendra Sarovara is lined with white canopies strewn with forest leaves, flower and fruits. In Narendra-sarovara two nicely deChorated boats are used for Chandana-yatra: one boat Sri Madan-Mohana and other boat for Sri Rama Govinda and Pancha-Sivas. While the Lords ride in Their boats around the pond, throngs of devotees line the banks chanting Harinam-Sankirtan and relishing most spectacular pastimes of the Lord. After a certain point all the Deities are brought to the temple in the middle of the pond and receive worship from the pujaris. After the festivities the Deities go back to their respective temples in their palanquins.