Jagannatha Vallabha Garden

This a very important place of pilgrimage because several wonderful pastimes enacted here,

  • After the Rathayatra when Their Lordships Sri Sri Jagannatha-Baladeva-Subhadra relaxes in the Gundicha Temple, Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu took rest here for 9 days.
  • Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu used to meet Sri Ramananda Raya who was His very dear and confidential associate.
  • A great-devotee and King, King Prataparudra was delivered by Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu here.
  • Towards the later part of Mahaprabhu’s life, when He was feeling intense separation from Lord Sri Krishna, He came to this garden on a full moon day during the month of Vaishakha, along with His associates. Srila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami has explained this pastime very nicely in Chaitanya-Caritamrta Antya 19-76-100.
  • Wonderful pastime: Mahaprabhu’s Bhojan Lila (Mahaprabhu’s honouring of Prasada) took place here,
  • A great pandita Pradyuma Mishra came here to learn to look beyond the material covering and he heard Bhagavata-Katha from Ramananda Raya, 

This large garden, full of coconut trees and cooling pond, is very dear (vallabha) to Lord Jagannatha because it produces varieties of flowers and fruits for His service. Lord Jagannatha’s utsava murthi, festival Deity, come here on different auspicious functions and relish many spectacular festivities performed here. It is believed that this garden existed since the construction of Lord Jagannatha’s Temple. 

Immediately to the left entrance of the garden is Jagannatha Vallabha Matha, which is said to be established by the Sri Vishnuswami Sampradaya. Inside the temple there are 3 altars,

  • In one, Sri Radha Gopala murthis are worshipped. These Deities are extraordinarily beautiful. The Gopala murthi has four hands: in two hands He holds sankha and cakra, and in other two His celebrated flute.
  • Second altar has Deities of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in sannyasa dress sitting before Ramananda Raya.
  • Third altar houses large Deities of Lord Jagannatha, Baladeva, Subhadra and Sudarshana Cakra. 

This temple is ½ km walk up the Grand Road towards Jagannatha Mandira. Garden has distinctive dark red boundary wall. Above main entrance gate there is a colourful diorama of Lord Vishnu lying on Ananta Shesa.